Lost In Romance (CD)

Recorded at Conway Studios, Ocean Way Studios, Studio City Sound and LAfx Sudios – Los Angeles, CA
All vocals by Lyn Stanley

Recording Engineer: Tommy Vicari
Pro Tools Engineer: Spencer Guerra

Mixed by Al Schmitt at Capitol Records Studio – Los Angeles, CA
Assistant Mixing Engineer: Steve Genewick
Mastered by Bernie Grundman, Bernie Grundman Mastering

Photography: Anthony Mongiello, Tony Eng, Carl Palicke
Cover Design: Kathleen Mecham
CD Pressing: Groovehouse, Los Angeles, CA
LP Pressing: Pallas, Germany (180gram)

Special Thanks: Paul Smith, Annette Warren Smith, Marge Rivingston, Alex Vardin, Tom Weir, Paula Salvatore, Brent Thomas Mills, and Walter Lyon Bloom

British Audio Division
British Chamber of Commerce in the Slovak Republic
Pro Metheus Slovakia Co. Ltd. 2021